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Milos and Enviroment
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Milos and Enviroment

The protection of our enviroment  in nowadays is a very important issue for our planet and of our whey of leaving either if we are in holidays!
Thus we recommend you to enforce some simple advices which are quite easy to do it during your visit on Milos Island and in our accommodation Konstantinos.

Make the difference!

-There are two recycle bins to recycle aluminum, plastic and paper and one recycle bin for batteries.
-You can leave your peels from fruits beside to recycle bin for using to compost.
-Set air-condition at 24 celcious or have windows opened for a fresh air.
-Before you leave from the room make sure that electricity devices are turned off.
-Breakfast has plenty of selections of topical products and fruits from our production (grape,fig,eggs,tomatoes,olives etc
-Recycled water you can find at the port of Adamas where you can refill your bottles.
-We can recommend you about bicycles routes on the Island showing in the map.

Become a Responsible traveler

-Keep the Island clean.
-Collect the trash on the beach and certainly do not leave yours.
-Please, no writing on the rocks, Admire geological formations but do not alter them.
-Do not take any obsidian pieces or pebbles from the beaches
-Do not drive and park on the beaches.
-Help preserve the natural environment. Protect vegetation and animals of the island.

A Different Milos

Milos is an island reach of minerals and beautiful landscapes because of volcanic explosions. A visit at Mining museum you can see exhibits for geological history of Milos and also exhibits about past industrial activity.
West milos , Because of the volcanic nature this part of Milos offer to visitor a beautiful and impressive landscapes in combination of dreamy and quite beaches such as Ag.Ioannis, Tiades, Ammoudaraki,Agathia Vani and Kalamos.Areas for hiking are Vani,Kalamos,Kleftiko and Sykia. West Milos is also protected by Natura 2000.
Club of mountain and sea friends it is group of people who loves environment and Milos, supporting biking , hiking mountain and rock climbing. It is also responsible for cleaning the island,marking and cleaning old paths and planting trees. Abasic aim of the club is to protect the environment. , (Google maps).Ask at the reception for the trails of the ancient town in order to give a small map.
Voluntary Group of Milos It is a group of people who have as a common think the love of Milos and it’s environment.The actions are be held mainly at spring in many areas of Milos including cleaning of beaches, planting trees, whitewashing communal areas and marking trails.
Plant kingdom of Milos : Milos is located at the crossroads oh three continents Crete,Asia and Peloponnese. This is reflected in the diverse species of flora which seem to exceed 600.Plant species found in Milos are adjusted to the Mediterranean climate characterized by little rainfall. The largest native species wich one will found in milos is the Cypress tree ( Cupressus sempervirens) it stands erect and reaches up to 25m in height. Other coniferous species which one encounters on the island and from lovely groves are the Cedar (Juniperus macrocarpa) and the Phoenicean Juniper (Juniperus phoeniceal).
Habitats you find at the area of Ebourios, Lagada, Ahivadolimni and Agathia were some birds goes for emigration.