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Top 8 places you must visit in Milos

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Top 8 places you must visit in Milos

Panagia Tourliani

In Klimatovouni (hill above Klima), you will find the church of Panagia Tourliani. In addition to the very old icons of the church, it is worth visiting for the wonderful view it offers to the upper villages of the island, but also to the entrance of Adamas Bay. Relax in its cozy courtyard at sunset to enjoy a lovely sunset.

Milos Konstantinos Hotel | Hotel in Milos | Top 8 | Panagia Tourliani
Milos Konstantinos Hotel | Hotel in Milos | Top 8 | Old Sulfur Mines

Old Sulfur Mines

On the east side of Milos is Paliorema, a cove with crystal clear waters and yellowish pebbles, colored by sulfur. The sulfur mine operated there, where it was the oldest sulfur export company in Greece. In Paliorema or Thiorycheia you can combine your bath with one of the geological sights of the mining history of the island. You can sit on the beach with colored pebbles and the beautiful sandy beach, enjoying your bath overlooking the old sulfur quarries and the ruins of the factories. Rail wagons, rusty tools, office rubble, spare parts and personal items of quarries, create a charming landscape.

Ancient Roman Theater

The ancient Roman Theater was originally built by the inhabitants of the ancient city of Klima, probably during the Hellenistic era (3rd century BC). Built in a prominent position, on the hillside it has a magnificent view to the port and very good acoustics. Thus, it is not infrequently available for theatrical performances and musical events, since in its current state it can accommodate up to 700 people.

Plaka main town and castle

The Castle was built in the 13th century on the hill of Profitis Ilias, at the northwestern tip of the island (today's Plaka). Today it is not inhabited, but offers its visitors a view of incomparable beauty throughout the bay of the island and a magnificent sunset, which will reward your effort to climb to the top. This Venetian Castle was not surrounded by walls, like most castles in the Cyclades, but was protected by the houses themselves. In practice, the castle served to protect the locals from pirate attacks (a common phenomenon of the time), as well as to control the movement of ships in the Gulf of Adamas. At the top, in "Mesa Kastro", was the Tower of the Hegemon, the so-called Palace and around the tower were the few houses. At the Archaeological Museum of Plaka you will have the opportunity to see the life-size replica of Aphrodite of Milos.

Plathiena Beach

At 10 kilometres south of Adamas is the astonishing beach of Paleochori. Its crystal-clear waters are a perpetual temptation for swimming and the variety of colours and materials there is really amazing. Facilities for various water sports are offered in Paleochori as well as cafes and fish taverns. The seabed in Paleochori is an amazing geological phenomenon, hot water bubbles gush from the seabed (due to the presence of sulfur), while interesting rocks and marine life will pass in front of your eyes. Plathiena beach is located on the north coast of the island of Milos and is about 2 kilometers from Plaka (the capital) .While the bay in which the Plathiena beach is located allows an excellent shelter from the north winds, so on windy days .. you already know where to go! Plathiena beach not only offers visitors a unique and suggestive natural setting, but also allows you to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island of Milos. When you have finished your session of sun, sea and fun, you can stay until evening and admire the sunset that seems to dive into the sea!

Milos Mining Museum

Objects, pictures and photographs in the exhibition areas of the museum present the impressive geological peculiarity of Milos and narrate in their own way the mining history of the island, while, at the same time, they pay a minimum tribute to all those who have worked and are still working for the development of mining on the island, and they also connect the past to the present.

Sarakiniko Beach Milos

This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Milos and surely the most particular one. It is located along the coastal road east of Adamas, north-east of Milos. It is the most photographed spot of the island. Its particular landscape is very impressive and surely unforgettable: long horizontal rocks bent over the sea; those rocks are eroded by time and salt water, and have small and huge hollows all over them. The entire landscape formed by the volcanic rocks doesn’t show any signs of vegetation and is coloured entirely in a bright white, which makes an interesting contrast with the deep blue and turquoise of the surrounding waters. This amazing scenery gives one the impression of standing on the surface of the moon.

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Bob Shelter

Bob shelter in Adamas was built by the residents of the island under the orders of the German occupation army during WWII. The site has served many different purposes throughout the years, until recently, when it reopened as a unique place of contemporary artistic creation.